Founders Meet Chief Minister
Feb 25, 2004
$5,000 Raised at Tandoor Event
Nov 12, 2003
Fund Raising Dinner a Success
Jan 10, 2003
Sep 07, 2003
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Welcome to Love Humanity. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

Our web site is a vibrant and growing community and will be continuously changing. Please come back often. Register and let us hear from you. We would love to hear what you think about Love Humanity.

Love Humanity is an organization based on love for the purpose of effecting positive change in the world.

Realizing that the children of today hold the future of tomorrow’s world in their hearts and minds, Love Humanity believes one of the best ways to effect positive change is by empowering children to be able to become self-sufficient adults.

As you go through our site take a look at all the children’s faces. Ask yourself, “Are these the faces that end war, eliminate hunger, bring water to the deserts, rid the world of AIDS, or solve the problem of Alzheimer’s?”

It doesn’t take much to change the world. One child may do it. But which child? Which child will find the answer to the problems that plaque us all? Which will unveil the truth that sets all of us free from hunger, from hatred, from hurt?

Will the child you help be the child who saves us all?

The child you help by supporting Love Humanity will, possibly for the first time in his or her life, have a home, a real home – and a real family that gives love, nourishment, care and education.

The child you help by supporting Love Humanity won’t become another statistic, another terrible loss.

Love Humanity was created because it is not a hand out these children need. It’s a hand up. It’s a legitimate chance to rise up out of poverty, to take responsibility for their lives and become contributors to the world.

Love Humanity creates, manages, and monitors family homes for the orphaned children in India. Yes, Love Humanity literally creates the families that make these homes. Love Humanity helps build the parenting skills of the new family leaders.

It is a wonderful story. A unique story. As different from the usual as you can imagine. And it is all based on LOVE.

“Love is the superior power of the universe. Love is unconditional. Love is never-ending. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is healing power. Love heals all things.”

The world needs love. People need love. Children need love, especially in their formative years. They need the love of parents. They need the love of siblings. They need the love of community. They need love so they may grow up to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Love gives them peace. Peace gives them courage. Courage gives them hope. Hope gives them imagination. Imagination gives them dreams. And dreams give them the ability to create positive change. Without love, there is nothing.

If you think the future begins tomorrow, you’re wrong. The future has already begun.

Help us love and serve humanity one individual at a time.