USA and other Donors
India Donors
USA donors only.

To make an immediate online tax deductible donation to help the children in India you may click here to go to our secure web page at National Heritage Foundation's web site.

Children are the future. Invest in them! They need your financial support.

Your gift of any amount to Love Humanity is more than a donation. It’s a gift that makes it possible for:

  • People to be trained in the proper way to raise children in a teaching loving manner
  • Children to live in loving home environments
  • Children to receive nutritious food
  • Children to be educated
  • Children to be empowered to grow into self-sufficient adults

You can make a difference…

Here are some suggestions:

  • Give a monthly gift:
    • $15 a month provides food for one child.
    • $20 a month sponsors the educational costs of one child.
    • $42 a month sponsors all living expenses of one child.
    • $50 a month provides the salary for the home childcare assistant.
    • $60 a month sponsors the salary of the office secretary.
    • $75 a month covers the monthly utilities for the office.
    • $75 a month sponsors the salary of the parents for one home
    • $100 a month pays the utilities for one home.
    • $200 a month provides the rent for the administrative offices.
    • $400 a month sponsors the salary of the Executive Director.
  • Give a one time financial gift:
    • $1,000 pays the one time deposit fees for leasing the office.
    • $1,200 pays the annual rent for administrative offices.
    • $2,000 furnishes one home for six children.
    • $2,160 furnishes and equips the administrative offices.
    • $2,400 pays the annual rent and utilities for administrative offices.
    • $6,024 pays the annual operating expenses for one home with six children.
    • $8,000 provides the cash reserves required by the government for one home.
    • $10,000 provides the amount to purchase one used mini-van
Donate now to Love Humanity. Help us help the children.