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Love Humanity's two programs in India include childcare and parental training and the creation of loving family homes for children without them.

Phase: Responsible Childcare Training

One of the keys to assist individuals in caring for children is to teach them new and exciting techniques and approaches to alternative ways to care for children.

It is a known fact that individuals around the world have never been required to take any type of parenting courses to prepare them to be parents. A new baby does not come with an owner’s manual. Because of this, if individuals have had an abusive childhood, chances are they are likely to raise their children by using abusive techniques. After all, one can only do what one knows.

Therefore it is important that individuals who want to have or to care for children take some type of childcare classes. It is Love Humanity’s opinion that childcare classes should be required for any individual who intends to care for or to have a child of their own.

Common Sense Parenting® (CSP) curriculum has been chosen by Love Humanity as one of the courses to teach. It has been developed by Girls and Boys Town Training Center (NRTC) and offers techniques, strategies and methods of care that are research-based and outcomes-oriented and can be used in any culture.

The teaching model used in all CSP classes emphasizes experimental learning. The five training components – review, instruction, modeling, practice and feedback, and summary – enables the student to build on the skills that they already possess.

CSP is a practical, skill-based childcare program that applies to every situation. The program's logical strategies and easy-to-learn techniques address issues of communication, teaching-discipline, decision-making, relationships, self-control and school success. CSP is used to arm individuals with the skills they need to raise responsible, healthy children.

In addition, family planning and preventive healthcare are taught including HIV/AIDS prevention.

Phase Two: Pilot Family Home

The first loving family home begins by first recruiting and training prospective married couples desiring to act as caregiver/parents for up to six children. They must pass a rigorous screening process and take all of the courses in Responsible Childcare as mentioned previously.

The chosen couple, along with up to six children, moves into their home that we provide and begin to live like a normal family.

The progress is continuously monitored.

After the Family Home has been in operation and monitored from four to six months, Love Humanity will be guided by the results for further expansion.

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Please help us help the children. Invest in the future of humanity. It doesn’t take much to change the world. Once child will do it…but which child?

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