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Love Humanity’s mission is to effect positive change in the future by empowering children of today to grow into self-sufficient adults of tomorrow who may one day change the future for their community, country and/or possibly the world.

In empowering children, Love Humanity works with adults as well as children. Love Humanity does this by:

  • Serving those of any race, creed, caste or religion.
  • Giving love without condition or reservation.
  • Encouraging and teaching those served to take responsibility for their lives and futures.
  • Training Trainers to train others.
  • Teaching individuals to be responsible kind loving child caregivers/parents.
  • Creating safe, loving, nurturing, and permanent family homes for children.
  • Building safe and loving communities where children learn, where they are encouraged and where they are allowed to dream.
  • Providing relief of and education to those in need, distressed or underprivileged.
  • Teaching individuals how to care for themselves.
  • Giving comfort.
  • Washing faces, drying tears, tending bodies and relieving hunger.
  • Offering kindness and tenderness in abundance.
  • Sharing our strength, hearts and energy.

Love Humanity has kindness and tenderness in abundance to share. Love Humanity has strength, heart and energy to share. Yet the greatest act of love, we believe, is to help those who need it most, children. And to do this, we help those who care for children. There Love Humanity puts its greatest efforts.

It is the power of human commitment that we most believe in, the honesty of work that we most esteem, and the courage to dream that we most value. We believe that commitment and effort are the keystones of dignity.